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Microbiology and epidemiology are engaged in the study and development of lanoxin drugs. The study of the nature of viruses, their structure and properties, and the development of appropriate preparations based on the biological material of pathogens are relevant to this day.

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Scientists study viral hepatitis, its symptoms and treatments in detail. Based on lanoxin material of viral cells, they develop vaccines containing a small amount of purified antigens, the function of which is to stimulate the active work of the body's defenses against this pathology.

Vaccination is carried out from birth, so that in the future a person is protected from infection for a long time.

If vaccination for some reason did not occur, and the person became infected, then the doctor prescribes a complex treatment, a feature of digoxin is the intake of antiviral and immunostimulating agents based on interferon. Antiviral drugs include drugs Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir, as well as Zadaxin and Ribavirin. The price of drugs varies depending on the quality and manufacturer.

Almost all types of viruses lead to the following complications: cirrofrom the liver. An irreversible process, which is characterized by the replacement of healthy parenchyma cells with fibrous and connective tissue. As a result of these structural changes, the liver decreases in size, changes its density and becomes bumpy. A person has a metallic taste and bitterness in the mouth, which intensifies in the morning. Hepatocellular carcinoma or liver cancer.

Sometimes patients resort to alternative methods of treatment. Such actions can lead to complications and side effects, since some plants have a pronounced toxic effect. Therefore, you should first obtain the approval of the attending physician and determine possible contraindications.

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Pathology occurs due to malignant transformation of hepatocytes. Healthy liver cells degenerate into cancer cells due to excessive damaging effects on them. Liver failure. This pathology occurs as a result of a global lesion of the liver parenchyma, the development of intoxication, which leads to renal encephalopathy. The affected organ ceases to perform its normal functions and becomes insolvent. Cholecystitis. Inflammatory disease of the gallbladder, which occurs as a result of inflammatory processes in neighboring organs and as a complication of gallstone disease.

The development of these diseases is associated with untimely treatment and severe chronic forms of the disease. To prevent complications and avoid death, the patient should be diagnosed on time and follow the doctor's instructions. Clinical course of viral hepatitis.


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The classical course of viral hepatitis consists of four stages, invariably interconnected: incubation period. The duration of this stage depends on the physiological data of a person, the state of his immunity and the number of viruses that have entered the body. The shortest period for type A and E, it is about 2 weeks. Type C has the longest incubation period, it can be several months or more. Preicteric stage.

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